Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Glasses Shop

I have been wearing prescription glasses for about 6 years now, at first the thought of wearing glasses everyday was overwhelming. Especially as I remember my parents and grandparents being so careful with their glasses as they were always so expensive. 

The thought of wearing one style of frames for the next few years also daunted me as when going into optical stores the prices were crazy, $300 to $500 for one pair of glasses that I was sure to break, or not like in six months time.

That's when I popped online and after a quick search found GlassesShop.com I could choose many frames to suit my mood, a few back ups for when I'm sure to break or loose some and even sunglasses.
All I had to do was ask for my prescription after I had my eyes tested, fill out the form on the site and choose frames that suited me.

They have free shipping for orders over $49 and with prices starting at $5.99 it's easy to stock up with no stress.

I'm always amazed at the fantastic quality and huge range of styles I can find and usually make three or more bulk orders through the year.

So if you wear prescription glasses or just want a fantastic pair of sunnies, check out GlassesShop.com today. 


  1. i really like GlassesShop.com. They not only make it easy to order prescription eyeglasses on their website, they also have a ton of different styles of frames, colors and even cases to choose from!


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