Sunday, September 20, 2015

Hagley Farm School

Yesterday we went and visited Hagley Farm School for their 160th year celebrations.
The school was established in 1855 and as Hagley is set right in the middle of a large farming area, it hosts about 340 students from the area.

They have the original school room set up as it would have been 160 years ago, which was great for the children to explore and have a turn at writing from the ink wells.

Some of the other old buildings had museum displays, such as old farm machinery, old home wares, and even an old general store.

We hopped on a the tractor ride which took us around the grounds, and all the schools animals, such as deer, donkeys, alpacas, pigs, geese, calves and many many more. 

We enjoyed the sausage sizzle and devonshire teas,

played on the many playgrounds, 

Fed the friendly donkeys and stayed back from the spitting alpacas!

It was great to listen to some of the older visitors talk about their time at the school and how their days differed to ours. Perfect for Poppy who is studying the 'olden days' at school at the moment.

What did you get up to this weekend?



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