Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Greens Beach

In the recent school holidays, Tommy had a change of working shifts and started working on a job the required working nights, which meant we got to spend the days together as a family.

We didn't want to do too much, as working from about 4.00 pm till 2.00 am was tiring but some simple slow days like this trip to Greens Beach was the perfect way to spend time together.

I had heard a lot about Greens Beach but had never been before. It seemed to be the place for families from the city to go over the Summer as it's only about 45 minutes from Launceston, many friends have fond memories of this pretty little beach town with a fantastic camping ground right opposite the beach.

We took our kite, made sandcastles, collect 'treasure', played on the nearby playground, had a picnic lunch and paddled in the cool water.

We talked about coming back over the Summer, camping and bringing our bikes to explore the little town some more.

A lovely way to enjoy our family while exploring some more of our gorgeous state.


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