Thursday, November 19, 2015


We recently had a chance to test out some of the amazing new LATTJO range from IKEA, a collection that´s all about inspiring young and old to play together.
The Tangram puzzle really had Poppy thinking, she has spent hours working out all the different patterns she can make, following the ideas in the packaging as well as making up her own. The perfect game to get the mind working.

The Throwing Game was a crowd favorite, with Pop even joining in on the fun. My favorite part about The Throwing Game is that it comes completely flat packed (even the balls!), making for a great game to take traveling, camping, to the beach, or to the park. 

A great hand, eye coordination game for the twins, and you can make it as easy, or in Poppy's case, as hard as you want by adjusting the distance you stand from the cones.

Then there is the fantastic dress ups, what child doesn't love dressing up and roll playing, as I type this I have a very cheeky "mouse" crawling around my feet, and I love the 'Merv Hughes' style moustache that had us all in fits of laughter.   

We have only brushed the surface of this fantastic new range, and I can see many game nights in our future, where the whole family can get involved and enjoy each others company. 

Happy Thursday x


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