Monday, January 4, 2016


 We had planned this camping trip months in advanced, while endlessly pulling nails from floor boards, painting walls, stacking bricks and other renovating chores it was always the light at the end of the very messy tunnel, lazing on the beach with a cider, riding the quads, sitting around the camp fire and enjoying time with great friends and family, we could not wait.

 When I was diagnosed with Melanoma it never really crossed my mind that we wouldn't still go, as long as it worked out around my doctors appointments and operation I had my mind set on going. I'm so glad we did, In hindsight it was probably more relaxing than staying at home, the children were constantly on the go and we all had the most amazing sleeps.

We were away for five nights including New Years Eve with about six other families and had other family come down for a night or two, or some came for day trips. On New Years Eve we had all chipped in for some fire works and had the most spectacular display.

On one of the nights we set off the sky lanterns which we had gotten in Bali on the most gorgeous still night, it was beautiful to watch them float over the dunes into the orange sky.

 Poppy had plenty of use from the motorbike Santa had brought for Christmas and the twins loved riding the mini quads.

We couldn't have asked for a better way to bring in the new year and say goodbye to 2015.


Big love for all the messages, emails, texts, prayers, comments and well wishes from my last post.



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