Thursday, January 21, 2016


We usually have a few strawberry plants in to keep my three happy all summer, but with our move and my bad health I haven't had time to get our garden organised yet (I also have no idea where I will be putting everything). So yesterday we headed off to the Hillwood Strawberry Farm about 30 minutes from home to pick a bunch for some baking.

There were strawberry plants as far as the eye could see and they were all so plump and juicy.

 We chatted about what we would make with them? Strawberry cake? Ice Cream? A pie? or a Strawberry Short Cake like the girl on Alexis' bathers?

So far we haven't baked anything, I've been busy with Doctor's appointments and the usual, but I don't think these yummy strawberries will go to waste.

Maybe tonight we will have them with a bit of cream.

Yum! x


  1. So much fun! And how good is getting them straight from the farm! We recently took our girls strawberry picking for the first time too x


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