Sunday, January 24, 2016

The pea paddock

We spent the morning on a friends farm in the pea paddock. Big juicy peas as far as the eye could see, and whirring around us was the huge pea harvesters, podding in the paddock as it went along. 

Rory couldn't get enough of the harvesters and Alexis couldn't get enough of the peas, her little fingers must have podded over a hundred in the paddock. While Poppy slowly worked on filling her bucket, picking the plumpest, juiciest peas she could find.

We chatted about how the peas grew, where the water came from and where they were headed, in less than 24 hours they would be washed and snap frozen ready for the supermarket freezers.

We picked three big buckets and took them home to pod, some we would eat fresh (we made this delicious salad), and some we would freeze for winter. 

Tonight we all have green thumbs from podding and bellies full of delicious peas.



  1. Back in the days when peas came from greengrocer, it was my job to shell them. My grandmother soon discovered I could sing and eat fresh peas at the same time, so I was made to whistle as I worked. That made eating them much harder.

    I had a long train trip to high school. At one station a group of teachers would get in each afternoon. Living among teachers, their occupation was obvious to me. On many afternoons, they would unwrap a big bundle and sit and shell peas in the train while going over the events of the day. I know the frozen peas are straight from the vine, but something else is lacking from the picture when I think back to those days.


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