Friday, February 12, 2016

KIA Sorento Platinum

Recently we had the chance to test drive the brand new Kia Sorento Platinum Diesel. The gorgeous seven seater, is the perfect fit for a family of five like ours.

As soon as we collected it we popped up the two extra seats in the boot, (that pop up with extreme ease) and Poppy made her self quiet at home, we had a two hour drive home, and the trip was so lovely as the three children weren't on top of each other for the entire ride.

The Sorento Platinum has some amazing features, when hopping in the drivers seat, the seat will automatically glide back into the last drivers position, the push button start and key less entry makes life with three little ones so much easier, the full length sunroof was a winner, reverse cameras, leather seats, built in navigation, seat warmers and coolers and my all time favorite? The hands free boot opener, so if your hands are full (kids, groceries, bags, toys...), if you have the 'key sensor' in your handbag or pocket and stand by the boot it will automatically open for you after three seconds. 

How fancy is that?!

For the two weeks that I had the car I was back and forth to the hospital every day with my cancer, and boy did driving the gorgeous Sorento brighten up my days, we also took this beauty on a few days trips, and from the farms to the beach it didn't miss a beat adapting to it's surrounding scenery flawlessly, in the boggy pea paddocks, sandy beaches and long high ways the Soreto was as smooth and enjoyable as ever.

Even with the two extra seats in the back, there was plenty of room for all our beach gear and when we laid one of the extra seats down we also fit in our huge camping fridge for our picnic.

Our verdict is that the KIA Sorento is an all round winner, The extra space is the main factor in us looking for a new car, and the Sorento has all that and way more.

I highly recommend you test drive one today, I have no doubt you will fall in love like we did.

Happy Friday xx


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