Monday, February 8, 2016


This morning I put on a brave face and took my tiny two to their first day of Kinder, and boy did they look tiny, with the smallest size uniforms swimming on them, those huge backpacks and surrounded by the older grades my excited four year olds headed off.

In fact, I'm sure If I had pulled the car over out the front and said "have good day", they would have quiet happily hopped out and wandered into school on their own. They were confident, excited, and after many trips to school with Poppy, they know their way around and many familiar faces. They are also lucky because they have each other, someone to share the first day nerves (ha! yeah right) with. 

Me on the other hand? Well I cried when it was time to sell the double pram, so tears were on the cards, but I just didn't know when they would hit. I was lucky that Tom had the day off and could share in the day with us, I kept strong while at school, I even powered through the supermarket and got a shop done. Then when we got home and it was time to unpack, I received a beautiful message from another Mum who wished me well, it was all I needed to tip me over the edge. 

Tom found me in the kitchen surrounded with groceries and in a sobbing mess. He had a worried look on his face and even asked me what was wrong "What's Wrong?!?!, My babies are gone that's what's wrong!!", Ha! He obviously didn't see the problem as they had gone off so well.

So for the rest of the morning I cooked, three pies for dinners and a banana cake for after school, we hung some prints in the twins room, did the usual house work and I popped into the hospital for an appointment. Now? Well now I'll probably watch the clock and leave way too early for school pick up.

I'm sending lots of love to all the Mums sending little ones off for the first time this week. I'm excited in knowing the best part of the day is yet to come, hearing all about how they went!!


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