Saturday, February 13, 2016

Taco Stand

My 30th birthday is coming up (eeek!!), So of course I'm going to be having some fancy smancy black tie event to celebrate, Ha! Not quiet, but we will be celebrating, and since I love myself some Mexican cuisine, I decided we would all don sombreros and have ourselves a Fiesta!

It's going to be an afternoon of color and fun with friends and family, I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate.

So of course I have been busy crafting away making special little touches for the day. One thing I was keen to make was some Taco holders, because taco making can be messy business and no one wants to have to put down their Margarita for long.

I used some thin strips of timber, dowel, green paint and a drill. 

After painting the plank green and using a taco to measure the distance between the dowel I drilled the holes, and popped the small dowel pieces into place with a dot of PVA glue in each hole.

Ta da!!

This marvelous creation works for soft Tacos too. I made four long holders which will hold about 50 Tacos.

I can't wait to fill these beauties in a couple of weeks.



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