Thursday, May 19, 2016

Monkey Bars

This week has been a hectic one, It's was meant to be pretty straight forward with the twins at school three days, meaning I could get a whole bunch of jobs done, before a busy few weeks.
We we're going along smoothly, the usual busy mornings before school run, a full day with the twins on excursion and then a full day of chores on Tuesday, that was until Tuesday mid-morning I had a call from the school, Rory had fallen off the dreaded monkey bars, hadn't stopped crying and wouldn't let anyone look at his arm.

 I rush to the school to collect my boy and see how he was. After a little examination, I decided it was probably best to take him to the hospital for an x-ray to confirm what I had originally thought was just a sore arm, and maybe a bruised ego. Unfortunately that's not what happened, I could tell as soon as the x-rays were looked at by the doctor that Rory was going to have to have some plaster time. My poor little boy had broken his wrist and his upper arm and has a half cast on for a week and then when the swelling goes down will most likely have a full cast put on next week for four to six weeks. 

Unfortunately the pain has been bad for him, and the past two nights have been very long, with a lot of bed shuffling and pillows to prop up his cast, which is very heavy for a boy so little. I'm hoping his cast next week will be fiberglass, making it lighter and easier on his neck and back with the sling.

He is lucky to have two beautiful sisters who are very keen on looking after him, especially Poppy who has enjoyed reading him books, baking his favorite muffins and writing him special notes. I have a few thing's up my sleeve to keep him busy, some new puzzles, activity sheets from his teacher, making race car tracks and some quiet time with a movie or two.

Let's hope the next four weeks fly by and Rory is back riding his motorbike and running around with his friends. 



  1. Hope all goes well and swiftly with the healing. I speak as the mum of three boys one of whom could trip over his own shadow. He grew out of it but has had several very nasty falls as an adult. Why not ask about the fibreglass before they put it on? It may be what they had in mind anyway, but worth asking about Waterproof too, unlike plaster. Been there and done that with two of mine.


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