Monday, May 30, 2016


I have been a bit slack on the renovation updates. We were in a such a rush at the end of last year to get our new home done so we could move into it before Christmas, then came the chaos, moving for one, my Melanoma diagnosis, Christmas, New year, the Twins starting school, Tom starting a new job, and then not long ago Rory breaking his arm. Phew!

We are all moved in and cosy, loving our new space, but still have lots to do, to make it how we would like, we have a large deck in the plans, the walls are very bare and need some pictures and paintings, some builtin cupboard doors are waiting to be put on and the landscaping is another huge job on the list.

 We started this weekend with some tree and shrub removal due to a leaking water pipe under the driveway. We had these large trees down the driveway that weren't particularly nice, were hard to prune, had huge roots (that caused the water leak), and were in the way of the fence that we want to paint all one color soon.

My Dad has a small excavator, which makes life a lot easier when jobs like this arise, the trees were fairly easy to pluck from the ground and lower in the garden was a lot of 'mother in laws tongue' which was taking over, and has a nasty prickle, so I was glad to have those removed also.

We are lucky we also have so many 'helpers' with our jobs, and the kids did a great job helping remove all the clippings and rubbish, which worked in their favor when Mr. Whippy came down our street in the middle of the day.

 After the leaking pipe was replaced, we covered over the trenching, and I'm now left with a lovely open garden bed, to plant some pretty but small bushes. I have no idea what I will plant yet, but as we want to paint the fence, I have plenty of time to work it out, and i'll work on making the soil nice and healthy before then.

It's amazing how much you can achieve in a day, now our only problem is finding another spare day for more jobs.

Happy Monday xx

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