Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Broken arm

 It's been two weeks since my cheeky boy broke his arm by falling off the monkey bars at school.

He has had a new cast put on and is getting use to the whole bagging his arm for a bath routine.

He's new cast is fiberglass and he was lucky to have an awesome doctor who gave him a 'puppy paw print' cast, which he thinks is rather cool. It is amazing how light the fiberglass is compared to the plaster cast, and so much easier on his neck, as he wears a sling for most of the day.

As he had two rather nasty breaks, and another bone twister out of place, we have to go to the hospital for regular X-rays to make sure everything is on track and he is healing how he should be. He loves these trips to the hospital, mainly because of all the lovely old people who stop him and ask "what has the poor little darling done to his arm?" and all the doctors and nurses give him lots of special attention.

Last week we even happen to catch up with The Wiggles who asked him about his arm and he was proud to tell his story.

He has been such a pro with one arm out of action, he has been back at school with his friends, he was playing the Play Station with his chin the other day and when we were working in the yard on Sunday he helped along like everyone else, such a little champ!

Hopefully he stays chippa as the weeks go by.



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