Friday, June 17, 2016

Melanoma spot

When I have talked to people about the Melanoma I had removed back in December, the question that keeps popping up is, What did the mole look like? 

I don't know why I did it, but when I was sitting in the doctors office waiting to have my small spot removed, I took a photo of it, perhaps I knew it was going to be something more than a simple spot being removed. I must have thought it was something odd, because I had persisted in having three different doctors look at it (thank god!)

So here is my Melanoma, 

a tiny little odd shaped spot that had been there for ever, but had started changing within about an eight month period, tiny from the outside but a huge tumor on the inside.

The first sign on a Melanoma is usually the appearance of a new spot, or a change in an existing freckle or mole. The change may be in size, shape or colour and is normally noticed over several weeks or months.

Which is why it is important to not only, notice yourself what is going on with the spots on your body, but to have a regular skin check up for anything you may have missed.

I'm not brave enough to show you my arm after the surgery yet, I'm sure the day will come and it will be just another part of me I'm use to, but for now, it still shocks me when I walk past a mirror or go to scratch my arm.


I love that you have stopped by, and love reading your thoughts and opions, thanks for sharing. xx