Tuesday, June 14, 2016


I love rugging up on a Winters day and heading out to the bush for a bonfire and a play.

Yesterday was especially cold, as we were under some snow covered mountains and the wind was very chilling. With beanies, gloves, jackets and boots, the children didn't seem to mind and were happy to warm their little hands by the fire, keep busy on the motorbikes and doing some more work on their bush cubby.

After we lit the huge bonfire, we got a smaller fire pot going ready to cook some lunch on, we cooked some sausages and kebabs and in the morning Poppy asked if we could bring some marshmallows to cook, so the children had a great time cooking (Ok mostly burning) those also.

The children have been working on their bush cubby for about a year now, adding little touches every time we come out for the day. They loved showing their friends and Alexis and Poppy had put Pop to work, gathering more wood to make it even bigger. We were all amazed at how it had stayed in place after all the crazy winds and storms we have had since she started making it.

We love finding different things laying about on that farm, Alexis was very interested in this old animal bone and Rory loved looking at all the mushrooms that had popped up over the last few days.

Rory also was dying to try out the new four wheeler Pop had bought for the children to ride, so even though he still had his arm in plaster, he gave it gave it a go, as it wasn't the hand he needed for the throttle, he also promised me he would go nice and steady (which of course went out the window with in a few seconds of riding.)

It was the perfect way to spend the extra day off, getting some fresh air and exercise with family and friends.



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