Friday, July 1, 2016

Op shopping

Yesterday, it was a rainy old day and the first day of the twins school holidays, we we're all going a little crazy inside so we headed to one of the local op shops for a sticky beak. There is huge mission shop not too far from our home, and it always has a great selection of toys.

We had a wander around, trying on funny bags and hats before finding ourselves in the huge toy sections for probably a little too long, the twins loved playing around, looking at all the different toys and picking a few to take home.

Rory loves car tracks, and we found a great hot wheels track that will connect with some tracks he already has. It was a bargain at just $3.

Alexis had her eye on this Barbie guitar from the moment she spotted it, it was in perfect working order, and a steal at $2.

She also got this Polly Pocket race car set, that came complete with instructions and figurines, again $3.

I find the toys at op shops are more suited to little children (0-4), so I wasn't hopeful on finding something for Poppy (7), but was happy when I found these loom bands, as she has been making a 'loom skipping rope' for awhile now, but had run out of bands, and since the 'craze' has sort of fizzled out, we hadn't been able to find any in stores around town. At .20c a bag it was an easy pick.

We also got this cute Hawaiian grass skirt for .50c which will go in the fancy dress box for parties or 'book week' ideas at school and these ninja turtle glasses (.50c) will do Rory perfectly for 'sunglasses day' at school next year, I'll pop them in the fancy dress box also.

Our haul should keep them busy for a few weeks, then I will pop the tracks back in the great little zip-up bags they came in, in the shed for another rainy day.

Not bad for a total of $10.00


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