Monday, July 18, 2016

Westbury Maze

Tom works a nine day fortnight, meaning every second Friday he has off, these Friday's are usually used for catching up around the house and going to appointments such as giving blood, doctors and the bank. 

As his last Friday off was in the school holidays we thought it was a great opportunity to head out for a little adventure with the girls (Rory was spending the day with his Gran, as he had missed out when he was sick last week).

After a few different ideas, we had seen that the Westbury maze (about 30 minutes from home), has a special on where adults are at children's prices ($7) for the month of July, so thought we would head out there for the day.

We hadn't taken the children before and the girls were so excited, when we arrived, the lovely lady told us that they had hidden 13 different objects in the maze and if the girls could find them all they would get a little prize at the end.

So with paper and pen in hand we headed off to find the middle of the maze, and the 13 objects in between.

You would think having objects through out the maze would make it a little easier to find our way, it didn't, I'm sure we walked past this dam dinosaur fifty times. 

Finally we found the middle!

It was great to see the maze from above and work out where we had been, and how to get back out again!

The ladies gave the girls a lolly pop at the end for finding all the objects, (Alexis looks stoked with hers*)

We then drove around the quaint town of Westbury and stopped at Andy's bakery and gelato for some lunch and of course some gelato!

*The sun was in her eyes, she was really excited with her lolly pop, (I promise!!)


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