Wednesday, August 17, 2016


I have been meaning to grab some plants to plant along the fence on our driveway for a few weeks now, with Spring just around the corner, I wanted to pop some in so that they could have the best start in their new home.

We had recently had a water leak under the driveway that needed digging up, so while we were at it, we removed these huge bushes from the garden bed that were a hassle with their huge roots.

So this morning the twins and I headed off to Bunnings to see what we could find. After wandering around the plant section and putting about a hundred plants in and out of my trolley, I called my Mum for some advice, and together we decided on Diosma, a small pretty bush, I bought three with a white flower and two that were golden with no flower. I probably could have bought some more, but I'll see how they go and if needs be I can add more later. 

The sun was out after some rain overnight so we rugged up and headed out to plant our new bushes.

Rory loved all the slugs and worms he found, and wasn't to happy about putting them back into the garden, as he wanted to keep his 'friends' inside.

Even though you could feel the snow in the air, the twins were excited to get the watering cans out and enthusiastically water every plant until the poor things could drink no more. 

I look forward to seeing how these bush together, and hopefully next year bringing some flowers from the bushes inside for the table.

We have so much more gardening to do, and when you get your work clothes on and get stuck in, it never takes as long as I had planned, hopefully it's a nice weekend and we can plant some Camellia bushes that I have.

Happy Wednesday xx 


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