Monday, August 8, 2016

Snow weekend

On Friday night we rushed around gathering our snow gear out from storage and packing food for the weekend, as first thing the next morning we were headed off for a little snow adventure.

Early Saturday morning I changed my excited three into their snow gear, stuffed the car to it's full capacity and we headed off.

It's only an hour from our home to the top of Ben Lomond, which has the only ski-village in Tasmania. We had been watching the weather all week, and was happy to see there was going to be lots of snow to play in.

It wasn't long after we had settled into our cabin that we were out playing in the snow, it was the most beautiful day, and we were all shedding our jumpers and coats after a couple of trips up the hill with toboggans.

We all had plenty of turns, some more risky than others, Rory and Poppy loved the big (scary for Mum) slopes, and Alexis enjoyed the smaller hills, making snow balls and sliding down on her bottom.

All the children did an amazing job walking up the large slippery slopes over and over again, working up a hunger and they all happily went to bed early that night!

The big kids all had a good time too, and after a play with the younger kids, headed off on the lifts to have a snowboard for the afternoon.

We went with three other families, and the cabin we stayed in is always so well suited for families, with lots of toys, highchairs large kitchen and sleeping areas and plenty of room for all the kids to play.

It was another great family weekend that we loved sharing with our friends. Yesterday afternoon everyone was exhausted and there was plenty to do before the busy week ahead.

I guess Winter isn't too bad after all.

Happy Monday xx


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