Sunday, September 4, 2016


On Friday my tiny twins turned 5. I know people say it all the time, but it really is hard to believe that it was five years ago that I gave birth to my gorgeous little Alexis and handsome Rory, two tiny little babies that would keep me on my toes for the next five years.

The count down has been on for what feels like months, every night for the last two weeks Rory would ask "how many sleeps now?", until finally they fell asleep on Thursday only to wake up as five year olds the next morning. As soon as they were asleep Poppy and got to work on some decorations and Tom got to work in the backyard, setting up the cutest little cubby house that they would find in the morning.

They have been asking for months for a big car seat like Poppy's, and as they had well and truly grown out of their baby car seats it was the perfect gift for my grown up two. 

After present opening and taking Poppy to school, we headed out to Pop's house to have a visit, and go out for a special birthday morning tea. Then we spent some time at home playing with a few toys they got for their birthday and then we went down town to the party shop where Rory and Alexis chose a balloon each.

Then we met Poppy and Aunty Sarah for a special after school treat at our favorite frozen yogurt place '123Yo!'

Then that night we had more family over for pizza and cake.

I was looking for easy options for the cake this year, so this ice cream cake was not only a winner for the twins, but for me also (1 tub of vanilla ice cream mixed with some chopped maltesers and frozen raspberries then put into a cake tin and freeze until ready), I could make it a week before and everyone loved it.

On Saturday night we had a little fire in the back yard and a few friends drop in for some nibbles and for the kids to play, the twins loved showing everyone their new cubby and playing on the trampoline with their friends.

Instead of another cake, I got a bunch of 'sweetie treaties' as my children call them, and made a fun dessert platter to share around.

 So now my grown up two are playing quietly with their new toys, tired after their big birthday weekend.

Enjoy year five my beautiful babies, I know I will enjoy sharing it with you.



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