Tuesday, September 27, 2016


We are in the first week of the term three school holidays. I can't believe the year has gone so fast! We are always so busy, so to spend the last few days of holidays with family has been lovely, here is a little snap shot...

We've been baking

Alexis has been "Super meow meow"

Poppy has been watching the veggies in her little garden grow, finding worms and relocating them here and watering, so much watering.

We watched Poppy dance in the all schools dance event in the last week of school.

They've been playing nicely so far these school holidays, they even weeded the garden for hours.

Tommy and I have been meal planning, especially healthy lunches.

We flew kites.

We stocked the fridge with healthy treats. 

We've enjoyed smoothies most days.

They've explored the 'junk yard' behind our sheds.

We walked, scootered and ridden bikes.

We enjoyed family lunch dates on rainy days.

I have been loving the gorgeous Adore U range.

I've enjoyed quiet baths after the children have gone to bed.

We've walked around the Seaport, stopping for coffee and chips.

We've swam at the Aquatics centre.

And we've pulled out a few board games and old favorites. 

We've been enjoying our own company and re-exploring the town we live in, our family usually has every day booked or double booked in the holidays, so it's been really nice spending time together. 

We are getting busier this coming week, but for now, I'll enjoy the slow paced days.

Happy Holidays! x

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