Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Brickman experience

When we heard Ryan McNaught and his fantastic "Brickman experience" exhibition was coming to Hobart, we knew we had to go and check it out. So yesterday we took the two hour drive to Hobart and headed to Princess Wharf 1 for our 2pm booking.
The children were so excited, and had been talking about it all week. We were met at the door by a lovely man who welcomed us and explained that there were little green Lego men hidden all over the exhibit and if the children could count them as they went through they could log onto the website later and enter a competition. 

The Lego creations in the exhibit were amazing, you could stand and look at them for hours, pointing out all the little bits and pieces, and funny little jokes put into the displays, like a block of buildings with shop names such as "Family jewels" and next to 'The Ritz' was the dodgy looking 'The Pitz".

Every display had a little write up, with information such as how many hours it took to make, why Ryan had made the particular piece and some other facts such as Ryan having to get a 'working with heights' certification to build one of the higher pieces.

The exhibition was very interactive with the children being able to make Mosaic Lego pieces and write their names on a block each, that Ryan will later make into a "Hobart" piece. 

The huge Lego flower is the largest in the world and just amazing see see in person.

Finally at the end the children could get their hands on some Lego and make some of their own creations, that they then displayed in the "Builders in training" wall.

The Brickman Experience is in Hobart at Princess Wharf 1 until the 9th of October, and would have to be my number one recommendation for children big and small these school holidays.

What have you been up to these school holidays?


(Tickets to The Brickman Experience are found here.)


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