Wednesday, October 12, 2016


 On the 9th of October Poppy turned 8. She had decided she would like to go rock climbing with her friends instead of having a full blown birthday party (phew!) and it was the perfect activity for my active girl.

The day before her birthday she met with six of her friends at our local PCYC where they giggled, rock climbed, jumped on the trampolines and did gymnastics. It was the perfect catch up as it was the end of the two week school holidays and all the girls were missing each other.

On the morning of her actual birthday Poppy had asked to go to McDonald's for breakfast, as she had never been for breakfast before, so all the children were very excited. She got the hot cakes and a juice and won two free sundaes on the Monopoly promotion stickers, so it looks like another trip to Macca's is to be had in the next few weeks before they run out. 

The 9th was a Sunday and also the day we go to a friends place to watch the Bathurst car race every year, there is always lots of our friends and children to play with so it was the perfect thing to do on Poppy's birthday, one of our friends Lily turned two a few days before, so both the girls had birthday cakes to share. Lily had a great "Dory" cake and Poppy had requested a 'Pinata' cake (where you 'smash' a chocolate dome and reveal a cake covered in lollies underneath!) 

Happy Birthday my gorgeous girl, I hope the year ahead is your best yet.



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