Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Taking Stock

It's been awhile since I've done a 'Taking Stock' post, so here is a Spring addition.
Making: Bread, and the house smells amazing.

Drinking: Peach Smoothies, using peaches we froze last summer.

ReadingA Sunburnt Childhood which I'm really enjoying.

Trawling: ASOS in search for some nice dresses with sleeves.

Wanting: Longer showers, we have a medium hot water cylinder and are in the process of upgrading.

Looking: At possible shack properties. 

Deciding: What cake to bake Poppy for her birthday. Poppy is leaning towards a Pinata cake. Eek!

Wishing: I hadn't broken the lid to my favorite butter dish earlier in the week.

Enjoying: Any sun we get, there has been spurts in between the rain.

Waiting: In doctors offices for hours each week.

Liking: Iced coffees, a little too much.  

Loving: Our new canvas in the lounge.

Pondering: Over the word 'pondering'

Listening: To The Beautiful Girls, always The Beautiful Girls.

Considering: Studying again. Big eek!

Buying: Prescription sunnies for $45!!

Watching: Trashy T.V. My favorite. 

Hoping: The rain hasn't bothered our baby veggie plants too much.

Cooking: Gluten free goodies for Alexis.

Marvelling: That people can be so creative (over here)

Cringing: At the amount of makeup that is plastered on already beautiful girls faces.

Needing: To clean out my bedroom cupboards, So. Much. Junk.

Questioning: American politics, Trump? Really?

Smelling: Rain in the air.

Wearing: Jackets one minute short sleeves the next.

Following: Turia Pitt on her journey to the Ironman World Championships. How bloody inspirational. 

Noticing: Fresh buds on plants I transferred in winter, they are alive!

Knowing: That I want every beautiful piece of Adore U jewellery.

Thinking: Of downloading the Beep Test and giving it a red hot crack as a base line for some Summer running. 

Admiring: Our renovation work, our home is slowly coming together.

Getting: Anxious about going back to work after 8 years.

Bookmarking: Lunch prep ideas.

Disliking: Popping health supplements three times a day to boost my immune system into fighting off any more melanoma cells.

Opening: Presents from my brothers trip to New York, he bought the children American cereal, so fun... and sugary.

Feeling: Excited to start in a new position next week. 

Helping: Rory hold his pencil correctly, over and over and over.

Hearing: The water rush down the flooded gorge, we've had so much rain lately.

Celebrating: Poppy's 8th Birthday on Sunday.

Pretending: Joking with Poppy That I have forgotten how many days to until her birthday, even though she tells me daily. 

Embracing: The crazy amount of eggs Pop's chooks have been laying, omelettes, baked eggs and vanilla custard all round.

When I read back, I see that the weather really features a lot, but it has been so crazy lately, as I write this the winds outside are insane, our whole state has had wind warnings and with snow on the mountains (Yes in October) the wind is freezing.

I'll take some Summer now please!

Happy Wednesday xx 


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