Tuesday, December 6, 2016

After school swims.

After school swims are what the kids live for at the moment.

When it's hard to get out of bed in the morning, on these last few days of school, I entice them with an after school swim.

When I pick up the twins from Kinder, and they are hot and whinging from another big day, I turned their mood around with the news we are heading to the pool. 

They strip off and change into their bathers faster than a toupee disappearing in the wind.

Then it's straight in, jumping, floating, racing, hand standing and giggling.

I hear "Mum, watch me" a million times and on the really hot days, I hop in and join in on the fun.

When it's time to get out they always want a few more minutes, which is fine, who am I to cut their happy time short?

But dinner, washing and organising for the next day calls,

So eventually we must leave, with promises that we'll be back again soon.

How lucky are my three that their Granny and Papa let them swim when their hearts content.

How good is being a kid!

Happy Summer. xx

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