Friday, December 2, 2016


I've been so very fortunate to be at home with my babies for the last eight years. 

It's hasn't always been easy, but we've made it work. From an early age I knew I wanted to be a Mum, I was always cuddling baby cousins, be the first to look after friends children and always volunteering in the younger classes at school. So from the age of 22 when I had my eldest daughter Poppy I've been at home looking after her, and then three years later my gorgeous twins Rory and Alexis, I've experienced every doctors appointment, every first step, first words, play dates, mothers groups, first days of Kinder and next year I'll experience all my children being at school full time...

 just    like    that

In no time at all I was a stay at home Mum of one, then three and next year none, and to think I cried on their first day of Kinder, that's surely nothing compared to how I'll feel next year when I send all three off Monday to Friday each week.

Enough of the pity party for one (Is that a violin I hear?), I'll have to pull myself together, people keep asking me "What are you going to do with yourself next year, when the twins start Prep?", "You won't know yourself next year."  Which is true, I won't know myself, I know myself as Mum and that's going to change dramatically. I'll still be Mum, but I'll be Holli as well. For the past few weeks I've been working as a teachers aide in another school in our area (not my children's school), and I've been loving it, I've been working when my own children are at school and I'm home when they're home. How bloody good is that! 

I've been helping out in the class room, taking special attention students, doing end of the year testing and I even spent a week at the pool teaching swimming to Prep, Grade 1's and 2's. Who even am I?

I'm Mrs Robert's that's who. I've been loving spending time with mostly Prep students, Prep is such a lovely year, and the students learn so much, It makes me more excited for Rory and Alexis to get started on their Prep year and learn so many new exciting things. 

As the school year comes to an end I feel so accomplished this year, with the help of Poppy's amazing teachers, she has excelled in her reading, writing and maths, Rory and Alexis have loved every minute of Kinder and I have no doubt they will be ready when it's time to start Prep next year, and me, well I'm ready to work out of the home and enjoy the benefits that come with that. I'm so fortunate that my husband Tom and I have raised our children this way and that he has been so amazing in helping me transition back into the work force, I come home to washing being folded, the floors done and sometimes even dinner, What a team we are!

2017 is going to be our best yet.

Do you have little ones starting school next year? Or finishing? Scary thought!! 


I love that you have stopped by, and love reading your thoughts and opions, thanks for sharing. xx