Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sundae box

Tommy and I recently headed away for three nights. We had only been away from the children a handful of times, and I usually leave a little surprise for them to enjoy (and perhaps to lower my guilt levels).

As they stayed with my Mum at our house the first night, I thought I would leave them a little box of goodies to make some ice cream sundaes after their dinner.

I printed some labels and pretty ice cream themed paper and lined a cute little catering box I had. Then I filled it with ice magic (yum!), jubes, white chocolate buttons, sprinkles, smarties and a bright ice cream scoop ($2 K-Mart).

I left a little note inside to say I had bought them rainbow ice cream that was in the freezer and some whipped cream will be in the fridge. What more could you want for a delicious Sundae.

I also printed off some dot to dots, word finds, and other fun activities to hide in their luggage for when they stayed at their other Gran's house.

The sundae boxes were a big hit and they hardly even missed us in between all the fun.

Happy Tuesday!! x


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