Thursday, February 9, 2017

Back to school

 Yesterday was the first day back at school for 2017 for my children. Poppy started grade three and Rory and Alexis started Prep, which means they are now full time school students.

Alexis was so excited, she has been wearing her new school shoes around the house for the last few weeks, and could finally wear her school dress (in Kinder they wear shorts) which made her feel so grown up.

Rory was excited to see his friends again, see what puzzles would be in his classroom and couldn't wait to get out on the playground at recess.

When we walked in they both ran to an activity and settled in quickly, it helps knowing you are starting in a new class with a sibling, and it sounds like they shared most of the day together, sitting on the mat together to eat lunch and recess, and being partners through out the day, but I'm sure that wont last long.

They were quiet happy to chat to their new teacher Mrs Trotman who was very friendly and nice. 

Poppy was also excited to start the school year (above is her Prep photo), she was looking forward to having her own 'tub' and desk, unlike other years. She had been telling me about her new teacher Mr Talbot and said she had seen him around and that he looked friendly and she was looking forward to having a male teacher this year.

When we went into her class on she was happy to see a few friends had already arrived, and she got to work sorting out her books and checking out her tub space and new desk. She was excited to show her friends her new haircut and talk about the holidays.

Everyone sounded like they had a great first day back at school, and the twins were so tired after just one day, it will be interesting to see how they go at the end of next week, after going every day!

Did anyone at your place start school this week?



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