Monday, February 6, 2017

Lilydale falls

 We have just two days left until the children go back to school. This will be the first year of full time school for the twins, and Poppy will be in grade three. I have enjoyed our summer holidays together, and am dreading them coming to an end. So today I bundled my big school kids up and we headed out on an adventure to Lilydale falls, about 20 minutes drive from where we live.

We have been here before, but not since the twins could remember, it was lovely to not be rushed, and enjoy the time looking at all the details the forest has to offer.

It's always lovely and cool among the fern trees with spots of warm sun peeping through warming us up as we went.

Rory couldn't understand how he was covered in buzzies, as he insisted he didn't walk into any prickly bushes. The girls thought it was hilarious.

The bottom of the two falls, is lovely to walk around, there were some other children there having their lunch and my three enjoyed rock hopping and collecting bits and pieces.

We then headed to the falls at the top, up some easy stairs and along another easy path.

This part of the falls would be perfect for swimming in on a hot day, and there were some bike riders here having a swim and washing their clothes.

We set the camera timer for a selfie, because I'm trying harder to get in the picture a bit more, so later the children can see I was there on these fun days too!

Poppy then found a little track that lead us to an old railway bridge, which they all thought was very interesting.

After our walk we had our lunch among the gums and the children had a play.

The perfect way to spend our last summer holiday days together.



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