Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Car activities for long trips

The March long weekend is coming up, it's the last long weekend before the weather usually turns cool, so we always seem to head away to make the most of it. This year we are heading to Bruny Island which is about a three and a half hour drive to where we are camping. 

I have been pottering away making some activities for the long car ride for the children. I loved the idea of giving the children a baking tray each, that they can use magnets on.

I got six puzzles from K-mart ($1 each) and I always save up the old calendar magnets the real estates and chemists hand out. So I chopped up the magnet and hot glued a little piece on every puzzle piece.

Careful not to get any glue on the joins.

Then voila! the perfect magnet puzzle for a car ride.

I packaged them up in labeled zip lock bags ready to pass over the back. I'll pull these out when the books and snacks get 'boring'.

My children are loving Naughts and Crosses lately, so I made a game using large ice cream sticks and some magnets.

I hot glued the grid together and made smaller pieces for the naughts and crosses.

All packaged up, to pull out when some distraction from the long journey is needed.

I also printed these 'would you rather?' cards for Poppy and popped magnets on the back,

and some fairies for Alexis and Ninja Turtles for Rory.

This little dress the doll kit I found at K-mart will also be perfect for keeping little fingers busy.

As well as this little scavenger hunt, I will print off a map for Poppy, so she can tick off the towns as we travel.

Hopefully this keeps my three happy for the long trip (Three hours is a long time to travel on our little Island state), and hopefully this keeps 'eye spy' to a minimum.

Happy Travelling! xx


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