Sunday, April 30, 2017


A couple of weeks ago Rory started Auskick, which is a great program run by the AFL association and NAB bank, for boys and girls aged 5-8 to learn AFL skills.

Every Sunday we head to the Prospect Hawks footy field and he learns some great skills like kicking, hand balling, the rules of the game and what it's like to be in a team.

There are about 60 kids in his Auskick group, all excited to learn each week.

Each week some of the older kids from the under 9's and 12's help out, and they are so lovely giving the little ones so much encouragement, Rory was so excited when one of the bigger boy's told him his handball was "a beauty".

My favorite part is at the end, when all the kids get in a huddle and sing the team song.

I'm sure there will be many weekends spent at the footy field for years to come.

Happy Sunday. xx

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