Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Poor Rory has been sick all week and hasn't been interested in much, except some movies and books on the couch, so on the weekend we had a quiet couple of days at home, pottering about the house and doing some yard work.

We had trimmed an apple tree in the back yard a few weeks ago, so I thought Sunday would be a good day to burn the remains and let the girls make some damper for afternoon tea.

As the wood was a bit green their fire wasn't amazing, but they had enough hot coals to cook their damper and a few marshmallows. 

I love it how they worked together, giggling at silly things, dropping their most of the marshmallows in the fire and pretending to love their burnt damper.

I love how Poppy gently explains different things to Alexis, as she knows Alexis likes to feel as grown up as her sister, and can get easily upset if she feels not as capable.

I love how Alexis calls marshmallows 'smarshmellows' and how she watches her sisters every move.

I love how they made up their own games, worked out that Tommy's dry stash of wood burnt much better and hunted for dry sticks and palm fronds to burn.

I love how they love each other and have such a good time in each others company, and I love how they played well into the afternoon, until it was too cold and I begged them to come in for a hot bath.

The perfect afternoon for my gorgeous girls. 



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