Monday, August 21, 2017


I love the saying "As Sunday well spent brings a week of content", this is so true for me, a Sunday spent with no particular plans but to spend time with family is the best kind of Sunday.

Yesterday Tommy had to work so the children and I took the short drive (30 mins) to Gravelly Beach, because I had seen that there was a pretty amazing park that I knew the children would love.  

It was the most gorgeous Winters day, but the air was very chilly, and we had to move around a lot to keep warm, the park was great, lots of things to play on for my three, who are growing out of the smaller park equipment, and need a bit more than slides and a swing.

We had morning tea, and walked down by the water, there was also a skate park, and they were all disappointed they didn't bring their skateboards and scooters. Next time.


There were a few jetty's to wander on, and watch people coming and going in their boats.

We then drove around the corner to the small fish and chip shop, and even though it was freezing, they all had an ice cream, and ate it on the bench with the most gorgeous view.

We followed the windy road around the beautiful old shacks and homes and found a tyre swing opposite an old shack, the children couldn't resist a play and could have stayed all day.

We came home just as Tommy was finishing work, and I popped a roast pork in the oven and started organising uniforms and lunches for the week.

I would say our Sunday was very well spent. The only way it could have been better is if Tommy could have come, but there is always next week.

Happy Monday! xx


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