Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Bed Bingo

There is a little bit of 'bed bingo' going on at our place at the moment. I'm not sure where the name came from, but when ever Tommy is away for more than three nights (three kids, three nights) we always say "bed bingo!!" which means the children can all have a turn of sleeping with me. We put names in a hat and decide the order that way.

Poppy was first up this time, she tried her very best to stay up until I came to bed, but just couldn't do it after a busy weekend. She has always slept with her hands above her head, and had a good old sleep talk about five times through the night. In the morning I love hearing about her dreams, and she had a giggle when I told her about her sleep talking.

Alexis was next, and it didn't take her long to whip Poppy's pillow off Tommy's side and put her own in place, she also put her slippers under the bed, dressing gown on the end of the bed, and brought in a bunch of stuffed animals and their accessories. Through the night she would find my hand and hold it, and in the morning she softly stroke my face until I woke (I wonder what woke me!). When it was time to get up, she didn't want to leave.

Rory and his sidekick 'woof woof' were last, everything he did it was because 'woof woof' said so, "I think Woof Woof needs to do a wee, I'll go check", "Woof woof would like a bed time story"...
He woke through the night and was excited to see I had come to bed, he cuddled me all night and wouldn't let go. Very sweet.

There are six more nights until Tommy comes home, but as we will be going away we won't play another round of bed bingo. I did enjoy my little sleeping buddies, but it will be nice to have the bed to myself tonight.

The bed will be full again at about 5.30 in the morning though, as that's when my little visitors start to trickle in for a morning cuddle. Woof woof and all.



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