Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Catching up

Happy New Year!!

Just like that Christmas flew by and the new year is here.

We celebrated the end of the school year with lots of performances, assemblies, excursions, carols and bbq's with friends.

We spent Christmas eve lunch with family, had my Dad come over Christmas eve night and stay ready for present opening in the morning and then we headed to my in laws for a lovely lunch and a swim on Christmas day.

We spent boxing day playing with all our new goodies and packing to leave for camping the next day.

On the 27th we headed to our favorite spot in the middle of the sand dunes at Bellingham for 5 nights of camping fun, motorbike riding, swimming, playing with friends, day tripping, 4x4ing, New Years Eve celebrations and so much more.

Tommy headed back to work on the 2nd, and since then we have been taking each day as it comes, we've done a few day trips here and there, gone to parks, had swims, jumped at the indoor trampoline place, gone motorbike riding, had picnics, the kids have been riding their new bikes from Santa nonstop and enjoying not having at be in a routine.

 Now we are currently counting down the days until we head away on a family holiday, It will be the twin's first time on an airplane and they are beside themselves with excitement. We are trying not to wish the precious school holiday days away, but I't really hard not to wish the time would fly. 

So there is a little catch up for you, hopefully in 2018 I will use my 'proper' camera more and start some better blogging habits, I love having this record of our life for years to come. 

Happy New Year! I hope it's a happy, healthy one for you. xx

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