Tuesday, April 24, 2018


We've had so many holidays lately, first it was Easter, where we went camping at Griffin Park for four nights, then after being back at school for a week, we went straight into term holidays, which we are smack bang in the middle of. We've been busy keeping our three busy, here is a little of what we've been up to lately...

We've visit Evercreech Forest Reserve, and a tree that's over 300 years old, I remember visiting the same tree when I was younger, and it brought back some great memories.

We took the short walk to Mathinna Falls, last time we were here it was hot enough for a swim, this time we just stopped for some photos and spent some time climbing the rocks.

They spent hours on the motorbikes and buggy over the Easter, I'm impressed at how good all three children are getting on the two wheeler.

The Easter bunny found us camping at Griffin Park and left a great big egg hunt.

We cooked damper and marshmallows over the fire.

We've spent lots of time with good friends.

Alexis and Poppy had hair cuts, Alexis had quiet a lot cut off, her hair was right down past her bottom before the big chop! It looks so great and healthy now.

We've been out for endless coffee dates.

We've had picnic dinners in many parks.

We explored some art around the walls of our town.

We've gone on much longer bike rides than ever before, Tom and I walk and the children ride ahead, stopping at any fork in the road, we've explored so many new tracks, stopping half way for a picnic and a rest.

Rory's helped Tommy in the shed.

We've caught up with cousins from Melbourne for fun play dates at Granny's.

We went to the YMCA open night and tried lots of activities, including the new rock wall.

We drove to the beach and collected sea treasures along the sand.

We stopped for Ice Creams on warm afternoons.

They played nicely (most of the time) and visited almost every park in the area.

We've been to the town Library, borrowed books and enjoyed quiet corners to read in.

Poppy's baked biscuits, and shared with anyone and everyone.

With one week of holidays left, I'm sure we'll visit more parks, go for more rides and have more coffee dates.

I'll be back soon to let you know how we go.


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