Monday, April 23, 2018

Queensland Part 3 - Theme Parks

Oh Hi! I am still alive, busy with the usual, and deciding to spend my spare time out in the sun before it disappears for the Winter, instead in front of the computer, which is why I've been so slack (again). With a thick fog laying over us this morning I had a little time to do some blog reading, and forgot how much I like having this record of our years, all in my blog to see, it's like the photos albums from my childhood, except I don't have to walk down to the Kodak shop to get my film developed. In fact loading my photos to this blog and writing a little to go with it is ridiculously easy, I don't know why I haven't done it as much lately. 

So here goes, the third and final photos from our trip to Queensland (in the Summer holidays, I know, so long ago.) Our last two days were spent at theme parks, which the children and Tom were wetting their pants with excitement about. Both day's were extremely hot, so I was just interested in making sure we packed enough cold drinks and fruit and if they'd be enough shade... there wasn't.

The first day was spent at Movie World, we got there early and waited 30 minutes for the park to open, Tom had a clear idea of which rides he wanted to go on before the lines got too big as the day went on, and as he was a 'single rider' he could use the fast track lane into most of the rides.

We all went on lots of rides, watched the Stunt Show where Tom was called up onto the stage to be in the show, watched the street parade where all the characters came out and went to the 4D movie which was probably my favorite.

It was a great, long day, we were there at opening, and left because the rides had shut down for the day, we were exhausted that night and went back to the hotel for a swim and an early dinner and bed ready for Wet and Wild the next day.

We spent out last full day in Queensland at Wet and Wild, it was the perfect place to spend such a hot day, the children all went on the most ridiculously high water slides, some that were all in the dark! They swam in the wave pool and all spent time with me floating around and around the relaxing river. The ground was so hot that our feet got sore but we didn't care as we ran from ride to ride with excitement. 

The children were all a great age to take to these two theme parks, Poppy was tall enough to be able to go on all the rides and the twins were happy enough to go on the 'medium' rides that they were tall enough for. 

All these months later I still hear the twins in their bedroom talking about the fun rides and activities we did in Queensland, and I can't wait to show them all more of Australia in the coming years. 

My favorite part of our family holiday was spending time with everyone in such a relaxed way, and making memories that will last a life time.

We're right in the middle of term holidays at the moment, so I'll be back to share some of our holiday adventures soon.


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