Friday, May 11, 2018


With Mothers day around the corner, I thought I'd do an update on my three biggest achievements. My main purpose for being on this earth was to be their Mum, I enjoy nurturing them and watching them grow and be the best they can be. I'm so thankful that they are happy and healthy and that Tom and I can call them ours. The best gifts in the world.

Alexis - 6

She'll have at least three outfit changes a day, but folds and puts away the clothes she's taken off. She idolizes her big sister Poppy, and often copies her sayings and movements when Poppy isn't looking. 

She loves to read, gives the best massages, and is the most caring little girl you'll meet. She is softly spoken, so much so that I tell her many times a day to please speak up, because we can't hear her. 

She loves to do drawings for anyone and everyone, but they must be right, with the persons eyes, hair and other features having to be exactly as the person she is giving the drawing to. 

She is an amazing reader and writer and is always keen to better her learning. She enjoys gymnastics and we are often amazed by her muscle tone and strength, especially upper body, she flies through the monkey bars, can do chin ups on the rings and can flip over the bars with ease, she takes it all in her stride and we couldn't be prouder of our gorgeous girl.

Likes: Dancing, Gymnastics, Sushi, Tropical Juice, Mango, Raspberries, Blueberries, Kiwi Fruit,  Drawing, Writing, Sketching, Salad Wraps, Singing, Dresses, Anything her big sister does, Sleep overs with Grandparents, Lego and Shopkins.

Dislikes: Getting her hair done, Chocolate, Biscuits, and Bananas.

Poppy - 9

Our friendly, thoughtful, kind hearted girl. She takes any opportunity to turn everything in to a joke, and is always up for a laugh. She is also a sensitive girl, and if the jokes on her, it might not be as funny.

She loves to read, ride her bike, practice new tricks on the trampoline, and feels so proud of herself when she has achieved something she's been working hard at. 

She is sensitive of others feelings, and will always be the first to go over to someone if they look upset or alone in the playground. A true friend, that will be by your side through thick and thin.

Her math skills amaze us, she is in an extension group at school, and what she is learning in well over my head, definitely skills she gets from her Dad, which is great, because it's something they can work on together one on one.

I love how she gets excited to share special moments with her brother and sister, and is always the first to say "thanks for taking us Mum" when ever we leave the park, pool, bike ride or another adventure.

Likes: Kiwi Fruit, Hot Chocolates, Bike Riding, Gymnastics, Showing people her bedroom, Crafting, Dancing, Karaoke, Sleep overs with friends, "The Parent Trap" Movie, Painting her nails, Lego and Slime.

Dislikes: Reading out loud, Broccoli, Going to bed early, Sharing Mum with her brother and sister, and Tuna.

Rory - 6

Our kind hearted, caring, friendly little man. I know I say all the time how sweet our boy is, but I think I felt his sweet nature would change as he grew, but if anything it's gotten stronger. Like yesterday when Alexis broke her brand new necklace she'd bought, Rory came to me and said "I feel like crying for Alexis Mum, she saved all her money for that necklace".

He's the first one to hop into our bed of a morning, and bring in his 'woof woof' for everyone to share. 

He love to play Lego, and read superhero comics and books, play the play station and iPhone, do puzzle and learn new spelling words.

He isn't the greatest help around the house, and would much rather be playing than helping me set the table or put his clothes away, but when he is made to help, he soon turns his chores into fun by dancing or singing funny songs.

He is easy going, and doesn't let much annoy him, he is very tolerant of other people and doesn't get frustrated easily. 

Likes: Dried mango, Hot Chocolates, Any Screen he is aloud to play, Riding his bike, Doing Mazes, Blueberry yogurt, Superheros, Salmon, Lego, Baby Bell cheese and Soccer.

Dislikes: Chips, Going for long walks, Writing and Wearing jeans (which I make him do a lot).


I love that you have stopped by, and love reading your thoughts and opions, thanks for sharing. xx