Tuesday, May 22, 2018


On Saturday we headed out to a friends farm to light some bon fires, collect a bit of wood and have a BBQ lunch.

The children have recently borrowed some binoculars from their Granny and Papa for a Star Gazing event we are going to this week, so they brought them along to the bush to do a bit of bird spotting.

We brought the kids quad bike along, and the children did a few laps around the wheat crop on that, as well as played on Pop's excavator, practicing digging up the dirt and moving along, the paddock is a great place to practice as not much can be harmed.

It was a perfect Autumn morning, I even going to pack the kites, but there wasn't any wind, it was perfect weather for lighting bon fires.

We lit a smaller fire in an old tree stump to cook our BBQ lunch on, we had chops, sausages and onion.

Alexis kept busy moving rocks, bark, sticks and logs making her own fairy house.

A lovely morning spent in the bush.


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