Sunday, May 6, 2018

Scavenger Hunt

Poppy had a play date yesterday, and sometimes it can be hard to think of activities to do, sometimes she and her friends are fine to entertain themselves, then other times they come looking for me to help them with ideas. So through the week I made up a little scavenger hunt to have up my sleeve in case they were looking for ideas.
I made some little rhyming notes to help them through the hunt, some a little cryptic, and some that were easier to decipher. 

At the end of the hunt, I had a little bag each waiting for them with a few treats, hopefully some things that would keep them playing happily into the afternoon.

Of course Rory and Alexis would want in on the action also, so I made them a simpler hunt, with most of their clues to be inside the house, so they wouldn't pester their older sister too much and be "like so embarrassing" while her friend was over.

They got the same bag of goodies at the end of their hunt.

Rory and Alexis whizzed through the clues faster than I thought they would, so next time I'll make their clues a little harder.

Everyone enjoyed the hunt, and all said they wanted to do another! 

Happy Sunday xx

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