Tuesday, June 5, 2018


 On Sunday morning we all headed down to the city park where Poppy was going to compete in a 2k kids fun run. She recently practiced and competed in her school cross country which was 1.6k so I suggested that she enter this upcoming race and she was interested.

She had been practicing for the weeks leading up to the run and was very excited.  

Her run was at 9am so we got to the park at 8.30am for a warm up. It was a very fresh morning, but the fog that was about earlier had lifted and the sun came through just before her race.
She had some before race nerves, lining up with all the other children.

Tom and his Mum went and found a spot about half way through the track to cheer Poppy on and Tom took some videos which showed her happy and waving as she went.

She did such a fantastic job, jogging the entire way.

When she completed the race she got a running medal and felt so proud of herself, and of course Tom and I were bursting with pride also. 

She said she felt so grown up doing the run all on her own, and is looking forward to entering the 5k next year.

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