Adding A Deck To Your Home

Imagine it

The warm sun’s setting over your garden, you’re kicking back in your favorite chair, a glass of something delicious in your hand, and watching the world go by – from the deck you’ve always wanted, on your very own home.

By adding a deck addition to your Johnstown home, this image could very quickly become a reality. At 518 Renovations we specialize in deck construction and can help you build your dream deck at a spec and price that suits you.

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The Benefits of Adding A Deck To Your Property

Still on the fence? Let’s have a look at some of the ways that a deck addition can improve your home.

Bump Up Your Property Value

A huge benefit of deck construction on your Gloversville home is the amount it could increase your property’s value. Decks are highly valued by buyers, and one of the unique positives of adding a desk as opposed to another home addition is that you’re increasing your square footage at a lower price than most building work. 

Forage tattooed affogato art party church-key, four dollar toast austin truffaut stumptown pop-up authentic. Banjo lo-fi paleo pork belly palo santo retro polaroid.As such, deck construction can yield one of the best returns on investment out there for building work on your property, and could be a worthwhile addition to your home.

Improve Your Home

One of the best things about a deck addition is – of course – how much it could improve your Broadalbin home. A new deck on a house adds beauty and life to a property, and you can guarantee that it’ll be the place that everyone wants to hang out in the summer. 

Also, decks are easily customizable for your needs and can add to the aesthetic of your home. And, if you want to shield it from the elements, further deck construction can be done to keep it shielded from rain or harsh weather in the winters. The choice is yours!

More Space

Adding a deck to your home means adding more space to your home. Building out from your house is a cheap and easy way to increase your Mayfield property’s usable space, as well as a beautiful new area for you to relax in. 

And you can use that space for a variety of different things: struggling for storage of outdoor furniture? Stop clogging up your garage, and put it on your deck. Need a permanent home for the barbeque? The deck is the perfect spot. Or, it could be a new area for the kids to play, or for you to relax – a deck addition can tick all the boxes.

If you’re ready to take the next step with your new deck, contact 518 Renovations today. Our team is ready for your call.


Deck construction needn’t break the bank. One of the most attractive things about a deck is that, while it isn’t super-cheap, a good deck can be built at a reasonable cost, as you’re not having to think about some of the other aspects that more complicated home additions need to take into account.

Simple Fonda deck addition can be done by a good contractor for a price that will suit you. It’s very important, though, not to skimp on costs when it comes to materials or labor: while it may feel like deck construction is a simple matter of hammering some wood together, one false step or using cheap wood will cost you more down the line.

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