How Do I Plan For It?

To plan for your brand-new deck construction, there are a few vital things you need to consider. 


The first thing is where you want to situate it on your Amsterdam property. Try and build your new deck in a place that benefits from the most natural light, and ideally is shielded from any wind or harsh weather effects on your house. It’s vital, as well, to check with any zoning regulations in your area – you don’t want to embark on a new deck construction only to find out you’re not allowed to. 


It’s important, too, to think about the size of the deck you’ll want, and what you’ll be using it for. If you’re planning on using it as an area to entertain friends, for example, you’ll need a larger space – but if it’s just for you, you could maybe get away with something smaller. To this end, drawing up your budget well ahead of time and sticking to it throughout is crucial – you need to know what you can afford, and make allowances for any bumps in the road further down the line.


Finally – make sure you source your materials well ahead of time and opt for quality over low price. While it’s tempting to feel as though you might be able to get away with using cheap lumber, not spending enough cash will mean that your deck will last for less time. You want this to be a home addition that lasts, so opt for cedar, high-quality hardwoods, and pressure-treated lumber. 

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